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SX-E 50 2020 Uit Voorraad Leverbaar

SX-E 50 2020 Uit Voorraad Leverbaar

Auteur: BCS Racing/maandag 6 januari 2020/Categorieën: Motoren

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This is a newly-developed, high-end, adaptable, READY TO RACE electric-powered mini-crosser aimed at both beginner and competitive junior riders. With zero emissions and sound pollution, the KTM SX-E 5 is at the leading-edge of competitive minicross and is a viable alternative to the petrol-powered 50cc engine, bringing with it an entirely new generation of competitive racing.

The KTM SX-E 5 is fitted with a compact electric motor, powered by a strong power pack, delivering almost inaudible noise emissions. It also features high-quality components that make it significantly different from the many "toy-like" electric minicycles available on the market. This is a fully-fledged competition motorcycle with low noise emissions, making it more accessible to younger riders for use in areas where noise emissions are restricted.

Prijs is Exclusief Lader + snoer
Lader: € 395,75
Snoer: € 19,75
TypeSX-E 50
Prijs€ 5.090,00

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